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As a child walks into the “Gallery of Scientists” she's greeted with stunning paintings of delightful animals and environments depicting visual context for ideas that each scientist discovered. The child can closely observe the paintings while hearing in detail about the discoveries associated with each scientist. The work is hung at child eye level throughout the gallery. 

Next is the prism room, strung with prisms that can be touched and that dance rainbows across the slightly darkened room. Prism learning stations with tour guides demonstrate how Newton's experiments changed our understanding of light. 

Next up are the discoveries of Archimedes. Elegant and simple demonstrations of pulleys and levers allow children to understand how much force is needed when such tools are used. 

And finally the Eureka moment allows children to find the volume of an irregularly shaped object using water tanks. 

The child is left with fun and captivating imagery that helps reinforce scientific fundamentals that she will use to find the next great breakthrough.

Discovery Cube Scienist.jpg
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